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God's Warning on Hell: A Free Webinar
July 08, 2021

God's Warning on Hell: A Free Webinar

Is hell real? Does it really exist? How do we know that it is real?

The unfortunate reality is that many people nowadays, including priests and clergy, no longer believe in hell. Many think of hell as just foolish, childish stories invented in the medieval past. Some believe in hell, but mistakenly think that everyone goes to heaven, and that hell is empty. Others believe that our souls aren’t eternal, and that after we die, our souls merely disappear from existence.

In this 1 hour webinar, we will talk about the reality of hell and the truth of the eternal nature of our souls. Yes, hell is very much real!

This webinar will cover the following:

- Amazing prophecies that foretell of a time when the highest leadership in the Catholic Church will deny the existence of hell

- A summary of various biblical passages that explicitly mention and talk about hell

- Detailed descriptions of the pains of hell by various saints throughout history who were given the incredible grace of experiencing hell for a moment

- Jesus’ passionate love and mercy for all souls, and the various powerful means he has given everyone to avoid hell and to help others avoid it.

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