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A Marriage Story: Till Death Do Us Part

by Frieda Mayo

When a marriage story is on the verge of a tragic ending, or when a couple is at the point of separating, do you believe that there is hope for reconciliation and that you can fall in love again with the same man you disliked years ago? Do you further believe that you are both God’s gift to each other—till death parts you?

I come from the Philippines, from a family of 11 children. My parents taught us the importance of religion and prayer, hard work, kindness, perseverance and generosity. They were, however, very strict and never allowed us to question their rules. They also drilled into our psyche the need to finish a career where making lots of money was the gauge of success. Being strict, they discouraged me from going out with friends, so I became rebellious and secretive in my activities. In 1978, I met my husband Manny. He was 31 years old and I was 20. At such a young age, I got hitched to him.

Manny and I lived a very chaotic five years of married life, full of quarrels and discontent. I was always imposing on Manny my own ideals of how a husband should be, tried to control his every move, ever ready to move out every time he would come home late from his night out with “the boys.” So in 1983, he allowed me to find meaning into what I thought was a meaningless life. He gave me the opportunity to venture to the United States to seek “greener pastures” and most especially, to find myself.

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