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Below is our featured article for this issue. In this article, we share two astounding private revelations that shed tremendous light on the nature of the afterlife, especially Purgatory.

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Purgatory According to Private Revelations

By Lourdes R. Policarpio

What is purgatory really like?

In this article, we share two astounding private revelations that shed tremendous light on the nature of the afterlife, especially Purgatory. Both of these revelations, after exhaustive investigations by Church authorities, have been approved for publication and have received declarations from Church authorities that “nothing contrary to the Faith can be found in them.”

Maria Simma

Maria Simma is a simple, 82-year-old country woman living in Australia who, at the age of 25, had the extraordinary charism of being visited by souls in purgatory. People started recognizing her supernatural experiences as authentic when souls asked her to tell their families intimate details about them that nobody, except the concerned families, knew. For example, some souls asked her to tell their families to give back goods which had been acquired dishonestly, so that they would be delivered from purgatory, Maria would have all the details – the exact amount of money, or the property concerned – to the great surprise of the families. The story of Maria Simma is found in the book, “The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory” Sr. Emmanuel of Medjugorje.

The Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory

In the 19th century a certain nun referred to as Sister M. de L.C. had an extraordinary relationship with a Sister M.G., a nun from the same convent who had already died. Sister M.G., revealed that she was in purgatory, and that the plan of God was that Sister M. de L.C., by her sufferings and prayers, should relieve and ultimately deliver Sister M.G. from that place of expiation. From 1874 to 1890, Sister M.G. regularly talked to Sister M. de L.C. the details of their conversations were narrated by Sister M. de L.C. herself in the book “Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory.” The Manuscript bears a Nihil Obstat from Rev. Msgr. Carroll E. Satterfield, S.T.D., and the Imprimatur of His Eminence, Lawrence Cardinal Shehan, Archbishop of Baltimore.

Below are the astounding answers to common questions on purgatory in the words of Maria Simma and Sister M.G.:

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