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Is Mary Mediatrix of All Graces?
April 01, 2014

Is Mary Mediatrix of All Graces?

Back when my grandmother was still alive, my dad used to give her communion every week in the home of my aunt where she lived. On usual Sunday afternoons, she would usually stay in her rocking chair, watching TV, praying the rosary, or simply dozing off. My dad would usually sneak up behind her unnoticed, silently wrap his arms around her from the back, and kiss her on that most sensitive part of her body - her ears. Immediately, she would squeal, try to wriggle out, wrestle with the iron grip, all to no avail.

After the “ordeal”, my dad, meek as a lamb, would get the usual motherly scolding as has been the case for the last fifty plus years of his life. “Ikaw talaga!”, she would say. My dad, “the boss” in the office, is simply no match for his boss, our grandmother.

Ah, truly, the magical power of the mother over her children.

The Divine Way

Even our Creator, the Master of the universe, subjected Himself to a Mother.

Stop for a while and consider that thought. God could have chosen to come to earth by a multitude of means. He could have opened up the heavens, rode down in a blazing chariot, accompanied by millions of powerful angels. And yet, He chose to come through Our Lady.

Why to go the world through Mary? Why spend nine months in the womb of the Virgin? Why be totally reliant for everything on Mary – for food, nourishment, warmth, protection, security, living a life totally subject to Mary?

Why spend thirty years with Mary, and only three years with the rest of the world?

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