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Below is our featured article for this issue. In this article, we feature the story of Saint Dominic - founder of the Great Dominiccan Order of Preachers.

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Saint Dominic: His Mother’s Favorite Child

By Nora V. Clemente-Arnaldo

Just like any caring and loving mother, Doña Jane de Guzman wanted her favorite child to be successful. There were moments though when she wondered what the future held for him. She was always having the strangest dreams about him as she would see him with a bright light shining round his head and his eyes aflame as though he were seeing things which only he could see. Sometimes she would hear voices calling out, “It is Dominic de Guzman who is going to speak. We must come and see him.”

But most often, according to M.V. Woodgate’s “Saint Dominic,” she had a dream which did not seem to be connected with him at all. It was of a little dog with a flaming torch coming out of its mouth. To her, it was such a funny little animal that she could not help but laugh at it. Yet, when she described it to a wise woman who lived in the town, the latter did not laugh. She said that the appearance of this dog meant that her favorite child would someday speak words so wonderful that they would set the world on fire.

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