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Prophecy on Pope Benedict Fulfilled
February 11, 2013

Prophecy on Pope Benedict XVI Fulfilled

by Arthur Policarpio

The departure of Pope Benedict XVI was prophesied as early as March 2011 in a series of messages given by Jesus to an Irish seer. In a message dated February 11, 2012, Jesus said: "My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome. Last year, my daughter, I told you of the plot within the corridors of the Vatican. A plan to destroy My Holy Vicar was devised in secret on the l7th March 2011 and this will come to fruition for it has been foretold."

The messages are contained in the website, and compiled in a book entitled "The Book of Truth." Click on the link below to read a critical review of this book.

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