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The Book of Revelation and the Book of Truth: A Parallelism
October 13, 2013

The Book of Revelation and the Book of Truth: A Parallelism

by Sister Dolor Reyes

It cannot be disputed that the Book of Revelation, an apocalyptic literature, rich in symbolism refers to the ultimate divine plan of God for man which most likely is approaching its realization in “the lifetime of this generation”; hence, the urgency of the Mission of the “Book of Truth”. The Book of Truth is a compilation of messages given by Jesus to the Irish seer “Maria Divine Mercy”. (Totus Tuus Maria has published a critical review and analysis of these messages.)

Jesus said: “My promise to come again In glory to judge the living and the dead, is to be fulfilled during the lifetime of this generation.” (22 April 2012, 15:30 hours)

Authenticity and Authority

This sequel, the second volume of the Book of Truth series, re-affirms in no uncertain terms the authenticity and authority of the revelations of Christ’s Second Coming to the end times messenger “Maria Divine Mercy”, based on the source itself: the Book of Revelation. To establish such veracity, an analogous presentation of the Messages of the Book of Truth and the secrets in the Book of Revelation is done to draw a parallelism in their intrinsic truth.

Below are some excerpts from both the Book of Revelation and the Book of Truth:

“These words are trustworthy and true, and the Lord, the God of prophetic spirits, sent his angel to show his servants what must happen soon. ‘Behold I am coming soon.’” (Rev. 22:6-7)

“While there will be much Love and Light shining through My Word, there will also be an Air of Divine Authority, which you will find impossible to ignore.” (16 Jan 2012, 13:20 hours)

“The Book of Truth is not merely a Book. It is My Holy Word, the first part of many revelations, to convert the world.” (15 Aug 2012, 03:00 hours)

“The Truth will finally be revealed, and the mysteries contained in the Book of Revelation will be presented to a disbelieving world.” (05 March 2012, 15:30 hours)

“No man has the knowledge or the authority to reveal the Truth contained in the Book of Revelation. Only Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, Savior and Redeemer of mankind, has the right to deliver the Truth to the world today.” (07 March 2012, 15:40 hours)

“Happy is the man who reads this prophetic message, and happy are those who hear it and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near!” (Rev. 1:3)

“My Messages today are to reinforce the Teachings contained in the Holy Bible because so many in the world today do not know what is contained therein.” (12 February 2012, 15:00 hours)

“If anyone takes from the words of this prophetic book, God will take away his share in the tree of life and the holy city described here!” (Rev. 22:19)

“Satan convinces good souls that when My Word is spoken, it is not from Me - that this Work is from him.” (11 April 2012, 21:20 hours)

“When My Holy Word is attacked with much venom, this is a sign of Satan’s confirmation that these Messages are authentic.” (06 Aug 2012, 18:06 hours)

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