by herminia tagudena Gutierrez
(5299 Ben Harrisson st. Makati city Philippines)

Dear Father and sisters'

please pray for the intention of God's grace of Stronger Faith, Salvation of my families under Cult Practices and Bad prayers, made by Spells, insects,and an intention of our early Death by means of accidents , sicknessess made by cult Practices.
I Herminia Tagudena Gutierrez. who is asking a prayer to Totus Maria families or group .I and my Families have been a victim of Cult Practices for many years. we are all under the control of people practicing a craft w/c is witchcraft .

They used it as far as they are concern in order to protect themselves , it is what they said but they practice cult from Human bodies and bad spells. They practice it from different families and people and childrens. WE as a victim , they been practice it for many years .

They used it since my grand mpther left Romblon . She and her families Husband and Childrens .She and her Families was under Curse of Her families from her mother Side and from her first Husband.They had a hard times in earning a living for their families ,they became Poor.They grew and had their own Families and childrens they Too was under the curse of those childrens , Now our Childrens too.Me and my Husband and our son our life and our mind was under the control of Cult practices.

They keep spreading the gossip made by them. for many years , we and my husband received many Cult practices . Im Not be able to say any word's to any body because they too became a victim.

From year 1991 -2013.We received many Sickness made by man through cult or witchcraft .They keep on weakening our bodies,they gave bad prayers,they told that me That " I WISH YOU WILL DIE"a they Continouslly pray theese kind of prayers to all my families. The kind of Cult they made to Us is ..They trying to used your mind and giving you a nervous breakdown in order to Shout, jerk,and keep on whispering on your mind and you truly hear them their voice ,if someone hear talking to someone whom they never seen , they will called you " are you out of your mind".I heard before they told us that they Killed us by means of cult and we only walk , talk and laugh , do the house hold chores because of them , that what they said. They called it "SAPI"These people or those Sapi keep on hurting us. Me and my husband too Ricardo B. Gutierrez
have been to many " ALBULARYO"S for medication because we are under Cult parctices , they gave bolis , sickness , weakening of our Bodies , Controlling our minds .And gradually killing my Families . but they only killed us ( Kulam ) that's what they said.they keep on Controlling my families especially My Son His name is JOSEPH ANGELO T. GUTIERREz.he 's not be able to continue his studies and got a back subject because someone is controlling him. We received many sickness and skin desease from them.Because " KULAM " give REVENGE to our Families they keep on bullying us in order to have an enemies .as i heard They put as in a bottle w/oil and salt and with our names . We go to the nearest "Albularyo for medication , year 1991 igave birth ( i do not know that someone is using cult againts me until my Son Got sick year 1998 , to 2012 . Different kinds of sickness ,now ,someone try to kill him gradually by means of ciggarette the target area is his Lungs ( it is bad to pin point to anybody nor name them ) but it is true we been sick for many years 1 1/2 in P. Binay Makati , 17 1/2 years in Barngay 134 Zone 13 346 magtibay st. M. dela cruz Pasay City .3 yrs and 2 months in Barangay 127 51 Paquita St. M. Dela Cruz Pasay City.i have been sick since 1992 in p. binay Pain in the stomach in andayas' junk Shop not be able to walk when i go home.. For 1 weeks Too much Cough and High fever not be able to stand -up and walk not change my clothes nor eat. High Fever together with my Son for how many days.Having head aches for many years . Having high Fever for 2 weeks not be able to stand not walk nor change my clothes, iwent to Makati Medical Center and they said i have a blood on my urine and UTI . The blood was completely seen on my urine , im having hard time in urinating i used basins to see to it that i can see the blood and the white cystals w/c is crystalize salt.on when i got i high fever and sent to the OPD hospital the Doctor told that i
have a blood on my kidney. im not be able to aet nor Go to Cr , Im having a hard time in eating because i'm not be able to open my mouth in order to eat.I have been medicated myself through the the Doctor's prescribed Medicine amounting Php 1000.00 per day, for 6 conseccutive days.we are not be able to make it for 7 days because of financial.Then we had an argument by my husband he was force me to shout and i was pushed by a hand and i feel down on the floor my back was hit the reason why am not be able to stand -up and walk for 2 weeks or more nor change my clothes and not able to move my body , gradually i help myself to move little by little because i almost half paralized on that day.Not even my move my feet nor my back .For many years i myself not be able to work as before or move as before when im strong. I felt a weakening of my Bodies . then for many years we and my husband had a fight for many years and he able to sent me away from home for many times. Then when i go home i try to continue my work in the house and in the junk shop. But the weakening of the body was felt continouslly especially the day after i washed our clothes nor if i lack of sleep.For consecutive years i'm lack of sleep nor not able to sleep , only seconds or minute or half an hour.I can not sleep during night nor day , but sometime i sleep minute per hour .For many years i m not be able to do house hold chores,nor washing clothes because i kept our clothes the dirty clothes for many years in the sack 6 sack of dirty clothes and 2 bags of dirty clothes for ten years even the soaked clothes then we sent all clothes to a laundry woman and gradually i washed some clothes little by little by myself and to the laundry 2006 for many years unti now june 2013 .Before when i can move my body i gradually clean the house ,before what i did is to give myself a rest and try to sleep as much as i can.but i can not sleep in the night i sleep in the morning but even in teh morning i can't so i washed clothes in the evening and try to sleep but later in 2006 and 2007 it happened again until 2010 when we transfer our residece it happened again in Barangay Paquita for 3 years and now in April to July 2013 in Barangay Pio del Pilar Makati city.Later part of his elementary days something happened to my Sons, he sent to the hospital because of appendix but when got there the Doctor told me only ten minutes need to be operated . (1998 ) He was sent to the Hospital .He too got sick , he got diarhea, h- fever then later he got PTB ( lungs ) 2005.Last 2000 she was exorcist by a man made w/c we call it "SAPI"from 2000 until now 2013.I keep fighting for our life.On 2001 to 2007 my mother in -laws was continouslly sent to the nearest Hospital because of he stomach i keep my eye close watching her.but sometimes we got mis-understanding she transfer from one-place to another ,then she died on Colon cancer.Me , my husband and My Son Got a problem in Stomach , we both got acidic and pain in our stomach, then the Doctor told not to let my mother -in laws to eat salty foods because of her kidney. Then it happened to my Son to me and to my Husband. All the pain felt by my Mother -in laws in her stomach I too felt it.Later, i found -out that i need an operation because of stone on my gall bladder.half part of year 2007 0f june 17 to 20 my Mother in law Die of Colon Cancer ( only God knows where it came from) until 2013 im not be able to go to operation room for operation. Then I got a polyps on my cervix , when the doctor saw it he try to open it but she can not open the cervix because it is paining.I have 4 operation but even one was not done. to be continued please pray for HEALING OF SICKNESS and SALVATION FROM CULT , INSECTS and SPELLS,SALVATION FROM ANY DANGWERS, NOW PRAY FOR MY STOMACH , FOR MY INJURIES ON MY HEAD mADE BY AN ACCIDENT< AND PHYSICAL INJURIES , AND MADE BY CULT , PRAY THAT GOD SAVE US FROM ANY ACCIDENTS AND ANY KILLING MADE BY OTHERS TO US NOR A BAD PRAYERS OF WISHING US TO DIE . GOD BLESS THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.Herminia Tagudena Gutierrez

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