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Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is one of the three archangels most mentioned in the bible, and is considered the special messenger of God.


The Holy Eucharist is what truly makes us Catholic.

The Catholic Liturgical Year

The Catholic liturgical year is structured on a thematic arrangement of the life of Christ.

The Origin of the Mass

This is a concise summary of the origin of the Mass.

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of worship in the Catholic Faith, and by far the most powerful prayer.

The Jewish Roots of the Eucharistic Covenant

The Eucharistic Covenant that we celebrate during the Holy Mass has Jewish roots.


What is heaven truly like?

Indulgences: The Treasury of the Church

Indulgences are a remission before God of temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven.

Celibacy of Priests

What is the basis for the ruling of the Catholic Church on the celibacy of priests?

The Titles of Mary

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the Catholic Faith is the the numerous titles of Mary.

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead? How do we know that the Resurrection was a real, historical event - and not just a myth or a great deception created by the apostles?

Catholic Church on Purgatory

This is the official teaching of the Catholic Church on Purgatory

Mining the Depths of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of worship. The value of a single Mass attended well surpasses all past, present and future actions we can make as a Catholic.

The Holy Eucharist

This article summarizes the Catholic view on the Holy Eucharist as a Sacrament and Sacrifice.

Prelude to the Eucharistic Miracle

This article gives the proper Catholic perspective on the prelude to the Eucharistic Miracle, the multiplication of loaves.

Nicene Creed

The Nicene Creed is the prayer for the Year of Faith.

The Infinite Value of the Catholic Mass

The Catholic Mass is the center of a Catholic's spiritual life. This article discusses the infinite merits of the Catholic Mass.

Mass Confusion

This book summarizes the main points of the book Mass Confusion by popular Catholic author and blogger, James Akin.

The Hypostatic Union

The union of the human nature and the Divine nature in the Person of the Word, Jesus Christ, is called the Hypostatic Union.

Hell is Real

Hell is real! In this article we share several vivid, horrifying testimonies from holy men and women who have experience the reality of hell first-hand.

Marriage in the Divine Plan of God

This article talks about the Catholic teaching on marriage.

Apostles Creed History: Its Probable Marian Roots

A beautiful alternative look at the history of the Apostles Creed, exploring the role and influence of Mary in its formulation.

Catholic Apologetics

Catholic Apologetics is the science of reasoned explanation in defense of Catholic doctrines.

Graces Derived from Assisting at the Catholic Mass

Powerful graces are promised to those who devoutly attend and actively assist in the Catholic Mass.

The Homily

The Homily, which we sometimes refer to as sermon, is Greek in origin and means explanation. It is the oldest form of Church preaching, based on the synagogue practise of a rabbi explaining Sabbath.

What is Hell?

What is hell? What is hell like? Is hell eternal? This article seeks to answer these and other important questions about hell.

Church Teaching on Purgatory

This article summarizes the official teaching of the Catholic Church on purgatory.

The Truth of Catholic Tradition

Unlike Protestants who believe that Scripture alone is the basis of all belief, the Catholic Faith teaches that both Bible and Catholic Tradition are the principal sources of Faith.

A Primer on Purgatory

This article is a primer on purgatory, providing a concise summary of key teachings of the Church regarding this doctrine.

The Liturgical Year

The Catholic liturgical year is divided into the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Holy Week, and Easter. Outside these seasons are the Ordinary Times.

The Christmas Season

This article discusses the history of the Christmas Season celebration of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Mass and the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross

The Catholic Mass is the sacred action by which the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is renewed. It is the center of the Catholic faith.

Church Teaching on Contraceptives: Still Relevant?

Is the Catholic Church's teachings on contraceptives still relevant?

Separation of Church and State

What exactly is the meaning of Separation of Church and State?

Defending the Doctrine of Hell

How do we know that hell really exists? Is there proof in the bible for hell's existence?

Purgatory According to Private Revelations

This article shares two astounding private revelations that shed light on the nature of purgatory.

Mary in Revelations 12 and the Reproductive Health Bill

This article is a Catholic perspective on the proposed Philippine reproductive health bill.

The Sacrament of Penance

The Sacrament of Penance is God's gift of mercy and forgiveness to mankind.

The Sacred Easter Triduum

The Easter Triduum celebration - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday - is the climax of the Catholic Church's annual calendar.

The Catholic Teaching on Hell

This article is a summary of the Catholic teaching on hell.

Death and Euthanasia

This article discusses the official Catholic view on Euthanasia.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Church

Why is the Catholic Church promoting Natural Family Planning or NFP methods, instead of the seemingly more convenient artificial means of contraception?

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