Inspirational Stories

When Our Lord Jesus Christ still walked the earth, he taught the faith in large part through the use of inspirational stories in the form of "parables". Stories help bring people to the Faith much more effectively than all the best theological discourses in the world.

In this section, you will find numerous wonderful stories - Healing stories, miracle stories, conversion stories, vocation stories, and many others. Be inspired with the stories of real people who have been touched by God.

Latest Inspirational Stories

A Pilgrim's Journey

A Catholic pilgrim shares her experiences through the Marian sites of Spain, Portugal and France

Vocation Story: The Burning Bush in My Life

This is the vocation story of a Dominican sister from the Philippines.

Cancer Survival Story

This is a beautiful, cancer survival story of a Catholic woman who heroically survived her condition through her faith.

Vocation Story: A Brown Scapular from a Stranger

How a brown scapular handed out by a stranger helped a nun discover her vocation.

Grandfather Story

This is the story of my grandfather - a simple, spiritual man who lived a full life of 98 years.

A Filipina Teacher in America: A Journey of Faith

A Filipina shares her faith journey as a teacher in a Catholic School in the United States.


Facing Death

This is the beautiful story of a woman who lost multiple family members to fire and death - and yet, through God’s grace, remained strong in her faith and love for the Lord.

Serving the Church

This is the personal witness of a lay Catholic in serving the Church.

Christmas Comes Early

This is a personal reflection of a Catholic brother who spent his first Christmas in a non-Christian country

The Living Cross

This is the amazing story of the Living Cross in Limpias, Spain, where numerous miracles were attributed to the miraculous crucifix.

Travel Notes on a Pilgrimage Capped by the Canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod

This article is a reflection on a pilgrimage to Rome to attend the Pedro Calungsod canonization.

Eucharistic Stories

This is a compilation of several miraculous Eucharistic stories that prove the real presence of Jesus in the host.

Mother Butler Group

The story of a lay Catholic’s service to the Church through the Mother Butler Group.

Proclaiming the Word of God

This is the story of a Catholic lector and her experience in proclaiming the Word of God during the Holy Mass.

Morong Bataan

The beautiful story of the Parish of the Beloved Virgin of Lourdes in Morong Bataan

Witnessing in the City of Heroes

A young Catholic priest shares his experience in witnessing for the Faith in Surabaya, a bustling metropolis in Indonesia known as the City of Heroes.

Guadalupe Shrine

The Guadalupe Shrine in Makati Philippines is a story of war, destruction and rebirth.

My China Experience

A lay Catholic shares his China experience from the perspective of the Faith.

Loving Jesus More through Mary

This is the inspirational story of Chi Bocobo, a famous television host in the Phlippines.

Facing the Sunset

This is the personal reflection of a lay servant of Our Lord on her spiritual journey for the past 30 years.

Vocation Story: My Grandmother Nun

This is the vocation story of our grandmother nun.

Pope John Paul II and Communism

The story of Pope John Paul II and Communism is a wonderful testimony to the power of God over the forces of evil.

Lay Minister

This is the beautiful experience of a lay minister of the Holy Eucharist, and how his life was changed by his service.

Glimpse of heaven

Don Bosco, one of the greatest saints of the Catholic Church, shares his glimpse of heaven.

Story of Hope

An inspiring, true story of hope of a cancer survivor.

I am Home

I am home! This is the personal reflection of a Catholic priest celebrating his priesthood.

The First Christmas

This is the story of the first Christmas, based on the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Josie’s Story: A True Inspirational Story

This is a beautiful, true inspirational story of Josie who, despite debilitating diseases, continues to enjoy life.

Vocation Story: A Servant of God

A Filipino priest’s vocation story.

Carlo Magno

Fr. Carlo Magno is one of the Philippines' most renowned Catholic Church musicians.

Pope John Paul II Stories

Several young Catholics share their fond memories and experiences with Pope John Paul II.

Blessed John Paul

How Blessed John Paul the Great touched the lives of Filipinos in a remote eco-tourism spot.

Till Death Do Us Part

The story of a woman's love for her husband - till death, and beyond death.


Commitment is an important virtue, especially for young people, as shown in this story narrated by a priest.

The Most Significant Catholic of My Life

This is the beautiful story of a former Buddhist's conversion to Catholicism.

Miracles of the Eucharist

There are many documented miracles of the Eucharist. This Eucharistic Miracle occurred in Germany in the year 1330.

Medjugorje Testimony

This is a Medjugorje Testimony, a pilgrim’s experience in the famous apparition site of Our Lady.

Miracles Do Happen

Miracles do happen! This is a true of faith amid the greatest adversities.

Because She Prayed

The wonderful vocation story of a former seaman who became a Catholic priest.

Eucharistic Miracle

This is the story of a documented Eucharistic Miracle

The Lady of All Nations: A Personal Mission

The Filipino couple in charge of propagating the Lady of All Nations devotion in the Philippines share their thoughts and aspirations on their personal mission.

Frank Duff: Founder of the Legion of Mary

Get to know Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary

Angels versus Demons: An Exorcism Story

A true exorcism story, this is the tale of how a 3 year old boy and his family were delivered from the clutches of the devil.

Inspirational Story on Detachment

This is a beautiful story highlighting the virtue of detachment for priests.

Story of a Happy Death: Crossing the Bar

What is the secret to a happy death? Read this beautiful story to find out.

Ghost Stories

What is the Catholic view on ghost stories?

Random Thoughts on Eastern Europe

Reflections on a Catholic pilgrimage to Eastern Europe.

My Guadalupe Pilgrimage

What is it like to see the original miraculous tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

When a King Greater Than Solomon Passed By

This palm was not to die before it had seen a King greater than Solomon.

Winning Against "the Big C"

This is the inspiring cancer survivor story of Beth Collado - a strong woman who overcame the odds and survived cancer.

I am Healed

I am healed. The story of a cancer patient and how he copes with his sickness.

The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

The Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, Italy is one of the greatest Eucharistic miracles in history.

How Our Lady of Lipa Healed My Club Foot

This is the beautiful miracle story of Sister Melania of the Philippines, whose club foot was reported to be miraculously healed by Our Lady of Lipa.

The Cenacle, My Wheelchair, And I

This is the story of my wheelchair - and how I have learned to accept it with God's grace and the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

My Lourdes Pilgrimage

A young Catholic narrates her beautiful experience of visiting the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes - the foremost Marian shrine visited by more than 5 million pilgrims worldwide.

Holy Land Experience

A holy land experience on the path our Lord once crossed.

For Better or For Worse: A Marriage Story

This is the inspiring marriage story of Filipino couple Chet and Margie Espino. For 88 days in faraway India, Chet became a full-time husband to his ailing wife.

Precious Moments with Our Lady in Czestochowa, Poland

A Filipina woman's precious encounter with Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland.

My Personal Faith Journey

This is the faith journey of Mr. Jose Maria Fernandez, a noted Catholic apologist based in the Philippines.

The Legend of the Prague Child

This is the charming story of the legend of the Prague Child, or the miraculous icon of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague.

Life After Death Stories: True Accounts of Souls in Purgatory

Collection of astounding, true-to-life encounters with souls in purgatory.

The Holy Infant Jesus of Prague

This is the beautiful story of the miraculous icon of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

The Dancing Sun

A Catholic lay service shares her transfiguration moment: a supernatural experience of the dancing sun.

A Marriage Story: Till Death Do Us Part

Not your typical marriage story. How a woman fell out of love, lived the good, hedonistic life, but eventually fall in love all over again with her husband in the end.

Ave Maris Stella: Story of a Song

A wonderful folk story highlighting the power of the Catholic song Ave Maris Stella.

Led by Our Lady of All Nations

Four people have a chance meeting in the chapel of Our Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam. Their brief, 30-minute encounter, narrated in this story, is a wonderful example of Grace at work.

Perfect Love, Perfect Time: A Real Miracle Story

This is a real miracle story of someone diagnosed with a cyst, but miraculously healed.

Afflicted with Breast Cancer

Spiritual reflections of a Catholic lay servant afflicted with breast cancer.

Ninoy and Cory

This is the story of faith and heroism of Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

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