I am Healed

by Jun Pasimio 

I have cancer.

And now I've discovered the paradox of being blessed with an affliction, for the Lord has embraced me back to His loving care.

As a rational man, I have been through the intellectual stages of being an agnostic, an atheist, and a deist. As a learned man once said, "If there is no God, man will invent Him if only to survive." But there is no need to invent God for I believe He made us.

I believe He made us to live in this world, a world subject to what scientists would label as natural laws; laws which God Himself established. I also believe man is given free will to live as he chooses within the parameters of these natural laws.

Moral laws are guided by our God-given conscience, so I believe it is up to us to make either fools of ourselves or prosper and live productively in this world. I believe that sickness, floods, earthquakes are all manifestations of natural phenomena, just as accidents, wars, and poverty are attributed mostly to human follies and failings. In short, I believe that when God made us in this world, He gave us free will and intelligence to cope with it and its laws. With this free choice, we either suffer or enjoy the consequences.

Let us not blame God when a volcano erupts or when fields are flooded. These are natural occurrences and are part of the world He made. Don't also credit your winning the lotto solely to God's intervention, for the natural probability "chose" you as the winner. Again, luck is just a part of the natural laws of the world we live in. What matters is how we cope and react with these natural laws promulgated by God. We are subject to these natural laws evenly and not selectively. God will never discriminate for or against any one. Is God, after the creation, totally insignificant in our lives? Not at all.

Here is His greatest gift to us - His love. He is there to help us when we need Him the most. The religious cliches of Him carrying us, of Him healing us, of Him comforting us, are all true. God is always there waiting to extend His helping hand. And this it the greatest miracle, the revelation: God is always there to help us in time of need. God did not cause my cancer, but I certainly believe that He helps me go through it with less pain. You might accuse me of being biased since I turned to God only when I started suffering. With all humility, I confess that I am guilty of this, but I am sure that God does not mind this for I believe He is there precisely to help us; He "meddles" in order to assist us.

But first we must ask for His help. We must be humble enough to acknowledge that only He can truly aid and give us comfort. We must acknowledge that it is His will that will prevail above all else. We call these miracles. For those who are living rich lives, don’t feel guilty or be embarrassed by it. God gave us talents to use to earn success and happiness. He only asks that you share a little with the least of your neighbors.

I humbly thank the Lord for giving me this chance to gain back my faith in Him and to surrender myself totally to His will, for I sincerely believe it will be for my own good.

I write this as a paean to Him, our Lord, and in gratitude to those who pray for me. I will be healed! I am healed! Deo volente. 

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