I Need to Submit Myself to God Completely and Turn Away from Sin

I have always been struggling against myself to obey God and to live according to His will. I can't, I always fail. I always submit myself to sin, especially of the flesh. I am now very desperate and so ashamed of myself before God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ. I can't even pray because I am so ashamed of myself. I am worried that God will be forgiving me again but in the end I will fall into the same habit of sinning.

I want to reform my spiritual life. I love Jesus, I love God the Father and I love Mama Mary. But I am in pain that I am continously sinning against them, against my neighbor and against myself.

I need help to give me strength to go against my sinful nature and become more resolved to live my life in the light of God's liberating love. I don't want to sin anymore but I can't, sometimes I just want to cry because I can't get back to God.

Please pray for me!

Edmon G.

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Dec 02, 2015
feeling the same NEW
by: busyrightnow

Thank you for what you said. Every word was exactly on the money and I mean every word. Now you gave me assurance that im,not alone in this.

Oct 13, 2015
piyush NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 08, 2015
Ezekiel NEW
by: Anonymous

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Nov 04, 2014
priesng to god fr being myself ashamed &heartfull NEW
by: sunita

Amni I m sunita who is priesng to god to being ashamed to face the world to.face my mother father to face my nabouries so I apologised to god that God pay me off fr all my mistakes which I bymistakely did wid my all members

Oct 31, 2012
Lets Go For Jesus The Christ savior NEW
by: Frederick

I just did the something on the Oct-23-2012 I sad to Jesus Lord I hat my self and life my sin I been saved for 39 years I thank that God just let me have all the rope I wanted and did allot of stupid things. But drinking was my door to hell and a bad testimony, hypocrite. Just one beer or two or three and then there we go. Also in that state I could not turn down a woman, and one time someone told me it was note a woman at all. I did not know. if that was so but it look's like a woman to me just like Hollywood star. That is what drinking will do for you. Make you forget your God, Jesus and close your heart from listening to the Holy Spirit in me. I told the Lord I hate my sin and want to do it his way doing good for two weeks now. someone ask me for a light and I look for one on my bike but did not have one but I was thinking to ask for a cig thank God I did not have a light. I did not ask, but it was close man! I don't know how we are going to do it. I just don't know! I am reading Gods word and looking on the net. Will I gauss I will thank you for being so truthful about what is going on in your lif.e I am reading Hebrews 3 and then I was in Heb 4 when I just did a search "I have turn from my self (sin)" and found this sit. I know that we need to follow Jesus and stay close to him. I found that it helps to reed books about Jesus like "The Incomparable Christ" by J Oswald Sanders and the Bible every da, and pray. I notes that when I pray from my heart or from the chest in prayer, I fill is coming from my spirit, not from my head and Jesus sad God wants people to worship in spirit and truth. So I thank that is helping to. I will pray as wall for you to give it all up That is what I am trying to do for are Lord Jesus Christ! I want to make it home to my Father in Heaven as you do. Lets Go For Jesus The Christ savior Fred

Apr 01, 2011
Who shall deliver me from this body of death?
by: Anonymous

I thank my God that the answer is in Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory!

Jesus said, any man that will COME TO ME, I will never cast out!

He also said, Let a man count the cost before he begins to follow me... Why? because it will cost you your personal desires, which is incredibly hard to throw out the window!

We must pick up our crosses and follow Him, no matter what the cost! It will cost you your life, but you will gain it back again and eternal life in the here-after.

In essence, we are, day by day, throwing our greedy, self-interested ways to the ground and picking up the Spirit of Love!
Faith and Love please God, that is why Jesus talked about these two topics endlessly!

For instance just right now, my wife yelled up the stairs to me, she said, "We do not have any more juice for the kids and we are almost out of milk."
I yelled back saying... I know! I just told you that yesterday! Obviously, you did not hear me.
Immediately the Spirit condemned me, i should have said, alright honey, I will go out and get some now.
But because the flesh seeks to always reign supreme! I failed to walk in a matter of Love.

1st Corinthians 13 says that "Love does not seek its own way" it will put up with an incredible amount of injustice in order to hold on to the bonds of Love and Peace!

I have told God and my wife sorry and have to go buy some milk and juice... hope to talk to you soon.... peace to you and may Jesus fill your desires "in being one with Him": for all eternity!

Apr 01, 2011
I feel your pain, brother.
by: Anonymous

I too, am in a similar situation. It has been 30 years now since believing in the Lord Jesus (May of 1981)

I came out of a atheistic, drug consumed life... I had some serious life problems back then, and because the family dog did not seem to understand these problems i decided to read a Bible that my recently departed Grandmother left my mother in looking for help.

I began to read it from the beginning, i remember asking God that if He were truly up there i would certainly want to know about it. Within three months, at 20 years of age, I found myself on vacation in St.louis Mo... and in a church, a man asked to pray for me, (God told him i was searching) I then began to believe with all my heart.

Very unfortunately, i turned back to my old ways of sin in 1985, i have always loved Jesus and honor Him greatly... herein lay my problem (and i suspect yours too). I loved Him, yes! But i also loved the things of this world too! I have recently discovered after all of these years, that you CAN-NOT do this! To be one with Jesus, (True Peace and Joy), we must forsake our former lives for His will alone... It is now, "His will be done, not ours!"

We must give up our will for this world. Only one thing matters! Loving God, our family, our friends, and yes, our enemies too! We should be doing all that is possible in destroying the "works of the devil", we must start with ourselves, then we will be able to see clearly in order to help our brothers.

Do word searches on Biblos.com or BlueLetterBible... Love, Peace, Works, Deeds, World, words like that, you will be amazed at what you will find! Also, read the book of Romans, especially the very end of chapter 7... Paul is speaking to us! we try to find our Lord of Love in religion, that's a mistake!. He is found in our "giving ourselves to Him as an offering" It is the only way, all else is just religion and nothing else - It always leaves you without peace and purpose! God bless you spiritually as you seek Him with all your heart, and turn from this greedy world... Email mail at BillyHutchings@yahoo.com

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