julie burphy

I am a single mom who is struggling very hard to make ends meet. I give my life to Jesus Christ and decided not to commit fornication.

The bible says my body is the temple of God. All I need is for God to give me my truth soulmate to take me into marriage. I have been disappointed by so many men.

I need God to please give me a rightful partner who will take me into marriage. A man who will honor me and build me up {Proverbs31:28}. A man who will honor our marriage vows; a man who will be a good father and provider; a man who I will be attracted to physical, emotionally, and spiritually; A man who will love me as Christ loved the church.

Psalm 37:5 says we should trust in the lord and he will give us our heart desires. I need God to please bless me with a prosperous, understanding, committed, blessing, happy and fruitful marriage.

I defeat the demons of darkness that are trying to hold me back from my prosperous destiny. I need a man of good personalities who is supportive, kindhearted, respectful, understanding and committed.

I need a man who will love, honor and protect our marriage and family to the fullest. Desiring a husband is neither evil nor selfish because marriage is honorable {Hebrews 13:4}. I need God to bless me with wonderful Triplets {two boys and a girl} in the marriage he will bless me with.

Let the glory and power of God give them the gift and talent of singing and acting that they will become great singers and actors. Let them be the most famous and well known singers and actors in the world. Let them build churches and help the poor around the world.

Let the Holy Spirit make them active, outspoken, very smart, mature, expressive, narrative, blessed, respectful, focus, determine, very beautiful, outstanding and tall with much hair on their head, very famous and respected by humanity. Let the glory of God be upon them that by the age of two, they will be very outspoken and begin to sing and act in churches for the lord.

May the power of God protect and give them the sweetest voice ever in the world and make them one of the most talented and famous triplets in the world. May those triplets bring glory and build churches around the world for the lost souls.

Let the Holy Ghost and the power of Jesus Christ destroy every hardship, financial difficulties, shame, disgrace, debts, regrets, frustrations, evictions, and witches from my life. Let the glory, favor, peace, love, prosperities, protection, blessings and anointing follow me the rest of my life. May my life shine like the stars in the sky. Amen. Thank You Jesus

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