Liberation from satanic attacks fears,sickness in my& my family life forever bless me with a lovely,person of a higher consciousness,conventional man My soul mate soon forever in my life.

by guddy

Dear ones,

Yes i am sending you my intentions for healings with lots of trust,love on you.These are my heartly feelings.God My Father,Mother please help me & my family to release the followings to you all
*Curses, negativities,from our family tree & also from our family including all fears,attack of satan & all it's forms,
* heal bitter relationships,lack of socializing with others, lack of love among family members,
*Heal & get well forever with our severe illnesses,lack of socializing with others from me & my family.
*Also healings of all illnesses including high blood pressure-high, blood sugar-migraine headaches,negative scary thoughts,healings of obesity,depression,release my past life negativities & connections forever that keep coming to me & haunt me, release from fears, negativities thoughts,scary dreams,disturbed sleep that keep coming to me,lack of confidence,lack of will power,always misunderstood by others.
God Almighty,Please bless me & my family with your lots of Angels grace,miracles, protections against evil people,natural disasters,animals, any harmful things, protect,guide us fully which ever place we move in our life & whatever people,whosoever we meet, bless us with healthy body,mind & soul,able to sense & figure out people soon so that they cannot cheat & act smart on us,bless us with quality to develop good friendship with people,
Trinity God most powerful of all please bless us with strong intuitions gut feelings to sense what comes next, guidances, able to catch oppourtunities on time & act accordingly with lots of dedications & hard work, able to figure out people well,
Smartness with diplomacy & hard work,guide us towards our perfect soul-mate to live a blessed life,
Angels we need healings on each & every aspects of my & our life.
God my Pappa i wish & pray for your divine intervention in my life to bring My Soul-mate,My Man come to my life within 3 months.Man who is spiritual (not religious),a lovely soul,not much of age gap,very decent,conventional,healthy well build man with a height between 5'8 5'9 not more,blessed with a long life,who comes from a sound family with good upbringing,who willnot expect dowry, favors or money at all from my family & is himself financially secured,well educated,talented man,good looking blessed with lots of artistic, able to know & figure out people,gifted with healing abilities,one women man,who has never been in any sort of relationship with any girl but will feel like marrying me & be with me always when we meet each other, with whom i will feel protected,cared & loved always,who my family will also like very much,who knows to keep me happy,inspires & encourages me always,never gets carried away by circumstances makes knowledgeable decisions,far-sighted optimistic man, who knows my strengths & weaknesses & still loves me always, trustworthy man who will never cheat on me,who willnot go for my outer appearance at all but will look my heart & honesty,help,support guide me as an Angel, to uplift me from my position,with whom i will get married & who will be able to afford & take me to US or safe country study PHD there,settle down with him forever & ever.let we do our furthur studies there,get dignified jobs,settle down be blessed with lovely babies,who i willnot feel like leaving & he also doesnot feel like leaving me at all,we will know that we are made for each other as soon as we meet each other,let we never get attracted to any other people & have more confidence,love among each other develop synergistic relationships forever throughout our life.Angels let we get married within 7,8 months after we meet & live a blessed life with each other forever. Amen!!! Alleluia.
Respected ones please kindly ask & pray with me to God the Trinity the supreme of all,Mother Universe,all the Angels & all the saints so that it will manifest in my life lasting forever with lots of blessings.I had heard that God send Angels in life when we are in lots of struggles & pains.Here you all prayer warriors,people all over the globe have come for me & my family to join us in prayers.I WISH GOD GIVE YOU ALL THE BEST IN THE WORLD ALWAYS PROTECT,CARE,U & YOUR FAMILY WITH LOTS OF MIRACLES & BLESSINGS LASTING FOREVER.AMEN.Please pray for me & my family keep us in your daily prayers for longer time. Thankyou so much.

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