Miracles from Jesus, the Divine Mercy

As Narrated by Stanley Villavicencio

(from the booklet, “Stanley C. Villavicencio: His Personal

Encounter with Jesus Christ of the Divine Mercy”)


...my spiritual director, Msgr. Cris Garcia, he had a slight stroke. So he was admitted at the hospital and the doctor said that he had a brain tumor and that there is a virus in his brain and that he cannot open his eyes because it is too painful. We went to the hospital and we prayed the chaplet together with Msgr. Cris Garcia; several minutes later Msgr. Cris stood up and we have a conversation and several minutes later, he asked for his lap top computer. So you see the power of the chaplet.

The following day, we prayed again the chaplet together with Msgr. Cris Garcia and after praying the chaplet, the doctors re-examined him and found him negative of everything. So on the third day he checked out of the hospital as if nothing had happened. You see the power of the chaplet?

Blessed Pig!

Also one of our Divine Mercy leaders in Katipunan Dipolog in the Philippines, his wife was ill early in the morning. So they brought his wife to the hospital. The doctors gave him a prescription pad to buy the medicine and because at that time he has no money, so he has to sell his pig. And the buyer paid him for the pig, but the buyer said that he would get the pig the following day.

But that afternoon that very day, the pig refused to stand up and refused to eat. So, he was so worried, because if something happens to the pig, they will be in trouble because they already consumed the money to buy medicine. So he called all his children and explained to them everything; that they have to pray the chaplet for the pig. So they prayed the chaplet. But at the middle of praying the chaplet the children were laughing.

They were all laughing because they said it is better to pray the chaplet for a person but not for a pig. He explained it again to them. And the third time that they prayed the chaplet, the children prayed intensely. After they finished praying the chaplet, the pig suddenly stood up and one of the children ran and got some food for the pig and the pig consumed everything. And the lesson is, if Jesus answered our prayers for a pig, how much more if we pray the chaplet for a human being.

No money for fertilizer? Pray the chaplet!

We have another leader of the Divine Mercy in the Philippines. He has several acres of rice fields and because he is poor he cannot afford to buy fertilizer. So, what he did every morning, he would roam around his rice field and pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday! Every morning! And also every afternoon. During harvest time, his neighbors were all surprised because during harvest time his harvest is much more than those using fertilizer and insecticide. So you see the miracle of the chaplet!

Jesus gets out of His picture frame!

I am not allowed by the church to pray over, to do healing, or lay hands....But then it cannot be avoided that during my talk, so many sick people are attending, so Cardinal Vidal arranged a veneration of the image of Divine Mercy so the sick people and those who have problems will ask directly to Jesus for their healing, not through me because I am only a human being. After that, this image has become a miraculous image because there have been so many instant healings and also sometimes when I give testimony, people see lights. Lights coming out from His body.

That is why there are some ripples in His body (of the image). The light has a heat and the heat destroyed the plastic. So many people said Jesus is emanating lights and sometimes they say that Jesus gets out from the frame. And they said that everytime Jesus gets out from the frame, the frame is empty. And it didn’t happen only in the Philippines. It also happened in Hongkong, Macau, Mainland China, Japan, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Chicago, North Dakota, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, all over the States and in Canada, Mexico and Brazil. It also happened in Europe especially Ireland, England, France, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Italy and at the Vatican because I have also said my testimony in Vatican in front of some cardinals and archbishops all over the world....

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