Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom!

by Cyndi Robinson
(Fenton Mi)

Let it be!

Once upon a time I thought the Beatles song "Let it Be" was about marijuana being legalized ...

Mother Mary was a street name for marijuana...or so I thought then in my High School days .

In the 1970's.

Being raised as a Baptist my family and faith was very anti Catholic thinking the Catholics were sinners, who's faith allowed smoking, drinking, confessing to a priest instead of Christ, no bibles to church. Gambling in churches to raise money,bingo, masses in Latin to keep people "in the dark", we thought all of it really strange!

We could not understand any of what we thought about Catholics, we dud not think they were saved,any maybe even anything but Christian.

Baptising infants? Who did not even know it was happening? Where is accountability?The age of knowing what you did and choosing Christ inviting him into your life?

Then after getting out on my own I studied with the Seventh Day Adventists, and was baptized into this church.Where I was saved by Grace, chose to make a decision for Chrust.
Fully immersed and baptized in the name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit!

They were like mainstream believing in death burial resurrection and also that the Sabbath was never changed..but Amen a valid baptism!

The Adventist believed in the Eden diet,fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and veggies, no meat and I had stopped eating meat at 16 yrs old. I also had relatives who were Adventist.

I went to that church for several years ...I did not like trying to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath , Sundown Fri. to sundown Sat. They believe that God created Earth in 7 days and set the 7th day aside as a memorial of creation. God himself needs no rest but for an example rested on the Sabbath,seventh day. Made it holy,set it apart as a day to rest, rest in the lord!

Did not like way Adventist said Catholics changed sabbath to Sunday .....and the Pope was the antichrist?
So I started going to a non denominational church.they did not have a clear position.
Questioned the Rapture?
Questioned once saved always saved?
Questioned eternal fire damnation. Or the verse, they will be as ashes under our feet ,
and being taught about Sodom and Gomorrah burning smoke forever as meaning eternal in purpose, not ever
burning like a lake of fire?

Prayed, thought,was open to reason.
Why 35000 different church brands out there now? How is this unity?

GOD OF Abraham a Issac and Jacob? Jews,Muslim,Catholics,worldwide the Universal Church,apostolic succession of Popes from Christ to today...,No Lutherans,Methodists, Nazareans,,Adventists,Baptist, or Southern Baptist, Presbyterians, back in a Jesus time?

What came first.... Church or Bible?
Church did, many could not read, churches had stain glass windows that told Bible stories,and parables,many could not afford a bible,huge volumes of pages,thick,hand written copies were kept in in the gatherings. who put books of bible together? The Catholics...I found out...

2006 I was invited to an "adoration chapel" a friend went to. She was a convert I later found out. She went to pray there on Tues 9-10 pm.Well I started to go too. Poured out my heart to God. I had silence there life the chapel, and began to listen. transforming my soul at the foot of the cross, with love and mercy, pouring out all my questions to Him!

I did not know what a host was or that red light over the cross, a beveled glass cross,
Alone on a pedestal?..

Then the song "Let It Be" came to me, audibly, I was laying in bed in the morning and all of a sudden I knew I heard it!

Those words as a true song about the real Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, who spoke words of wisdom, she brought Christ to the world,she had words of wisdom "let it be",in my hour of darkness she revealed herself to me, taking me to her son Jesus Christ at the foot of his cross! Behold your Mother! Jesus said to John at the cross before he died,Behold you son he said to Mary who was there with Jesus at his death! Mary the first disciple,the first convert,the first dedicated follower of Christ was prevented from sin to be able to say yes to Christ and bear his humanity. Uniting divine and human in Gods plan of salvation!

Mother Mary,Holy ? Yes she had to be, to have Christ born through her body.

She said yes to God, "let it be done to me" according to thy will, she

still had free will...u
She chose Christ..She takes each one of us ,called to Him to her Son...


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