PHealing : Body, Soul, Spirit, Health (Brain and Fertility), and Salvation

by Johannes Raja
(Medan city / Nort Sumatra / Indonesia)

Medan city, Indonesia

August 11, 2018


Dear Pastor and Church Congregation of Totus Tuus Maria,

I would love to Pastors and Church Congregation of Totus Tuus Maria pray CONTINUOUSLY for me and help me.

Acts 12:5 New International Version (NIV)
5 So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

Subject - Prayer Request: Healing : Body, Soul, Spirit, Health (Brain and Fertility), and Salvation.

Struggles, Torture, and Abuse that I am facing : Witchcraft, Brain Abuse, Abuse, Shackles / Chains, Rabbit of Trials, Slavery, Spirit of Slavery, Slavery of Destruction, Brainwashed.


My name is Johannes Raja. My family (my mother, father and five children) and I are victims. In our body (blood) we have found a yoke / very dangerous substance (RFID Chip Injection in Blood).

The body, Soul, Brain, Blood, Nerves, Joints, Veins, and all the Systems in my body can be controlled and played by evil people who are not afraid of God. They have lust and evil desires.

My Soul (place of love, desire, emotion, active will, self) can be controlled and played with a set of computer equipment.

My Soul is continually shackled by the power of the devil (sin, sickness, death, and failures).

My Soul, My minds and feelings can be controlled and mocked. The goal is evil. To achieve the purpose of the devil.

My mind can be locked. my brain is already programmed. I experience trials that are beyond my ability / strength. Every day, I experience brain, soul and body torture.

Every day, I have sickness, namely infections and inflammation of the brain, head, neck and body and and
symptoms - mental disorders and brain disorders.

Every day, 24 Hours, day and night, I hear the silent killers’ voices / satan's minds toying with and control my mind and my feeling, so I am Hallucinating.

Every day, 24 Hours, day and night, the nerves in my brain are always Hypnotized and Hypnotized by their words, deeds, and thoughts in order for me to commit suicide because of continuous pain. every day they always terrorize and intimidate me with pain in my Testicle, Penis, and my Brain.

Every day, 24 Hours, day and night, I have symptoms of prostate disease, symptoms of mental illness, Feeling Suicidal (Feeling Control, Mind Control, hypnosis, Hypnotized, and hallucinations), difficulty breathing, anxiety, fear, weakness, fatigue, lethargy, infections and inflammation in brain, testicle, penis, and body, Even while I was worshiping in church ( 2010 - now ). the silent killers can Control and Mock all systems in my body.

Prayer - Prayer Request :

I want the Lord Jesus to bless my Spirit, Soul, and Body ( Brain and Fertility);

I want the Lord Jesus to Break and Destroy the shackles / chains, Brain Abuse, Witchcraft, Abuse, The powers of evil, The powers of sin, The powers of sickness, and The powers of death in my Body, in my Soul, and in my Life;

I want the Lord Jesus to Set me and my Family Free from the bonds of the devil / satan and to Destroy the demon / evil powers that constantly bind my Body, Soul, and Spirit;

I want the Lord Jesus to Destroy the Emotional Limitations, Spiritual Limitations, Physical Limitations, and Financial Limitations of my life.

Thank you.

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