Please Pray to Save my Marriage

Hi, i got married in 2009, against our parents wishes.

Now my husband says he does not love me or care for me. He wants divorce.

He now stays with his parents and does not even want to talk to me. He avoids me always and wants me to leave him.

He says he is fed up of me. But I love him so much, have done everything he asked me to do. And he was also a very nice guy in the past.

Now he works in a faraway place and i think he found someone else. I do not want to divorce him as i love him dearly. If I made any mistakes which led to this situation, I sincerely ask God for forgiveness.

Please pray to save my marriage..please pray for me to have faith in God in this situation.

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Apr 18, 2016
thanks to dr guru NEW
by: alices owens

My names is Alice Owens am from Canada i want to use this opportunity to thank Dr guru the great doctor who bring back my husband which makes me very happy today so i could not keep the wonderful work he has done for me so i decide to share it with you all because he is real not like those who eat up my money and never do anything for me, i have 2 lovely kids for my husband, about 3 years ago my husband and i has been quarreling about some things he is doing that he had not been doing before,like keeping late at night and drinking i don't know that my husband is having a secret affair with a lady close to my street they do meet after work at one hotel,one day i felt that this is too much to bear then i confronted him one night but he did not listen instead he beat me up in front of our kids then he finally left me for the lady. i felt my life was over and my kids thought they will never see their father again. i tried to be strong just for the kids but i couldn’t control the pains that torments my heart, my heart was filled with sorrows and pains because i was really in love with my husband. Every day and night i think of him and i always wish he will come back to me, until one day i met a good friend of mine that was also in a situation like me but her problem was her ex-boyfriend who she had an unwanted pregnancy for and he refused to take responsibility and dumped her. she told me that mine was a small case and that i shouldn’t worry about it at all so i asked her what was the solution to my problems and she gave me this great Doctor email address i was doubting if this man was the solution,because i have tried so many fake Doctor on the internet but they only eat up my money and never work for me so i contacted this great man and he told me what to do and i deed them all, he told me to wait for just 12hours and that my husband will come crawling on his kneels just for forgiveness so i faithfully deed what this great man asked me to do and for sure after 12hours i heard a knock on the door i went and open the door, in a great surprise i saw him on his kneels and i was speechless, when he saw me, all he did was crying and asking me for forgiveness, from that day, all the pains and sorrows in my heart ran away,since then i and my husband and our lovely kids are living happily.that is why i want to say a big thanks to Dr guru This great man made me to understand that there is know problem on earth that has no solution so please if you know that you have this same problem or any problem that is similar, i will advise you to contact this great doctor through his mail and he will solve your problem

Jul 12, 2015
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by: Natasha Bella

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Apr 04, 2013
were to get ur ex back NEW
by: tricia

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Your spell is amazing and got my man back. Now to clarify, it had already been some time since we had even spoken to each other, and I was really starting to miss him. but since i contacted zukutempleofsolution@gmail.comto bring him back, and it worked! … I could not have done it without you! We are now blissfully celebrating our Birthdays together, and are even planning a beach getaway just us two.
Thank you sooooo much!!!

Jan 14, 2013
save your marriage NEW
by: Brenda

I just want to keep you all informed about spell, because I'm simply amazed at the results of the spell performed for me. Everything is going so well and EXACTLY how he said it would. It took just four days to fully progress, it was so worth it because things are just about at perfection! How you took my situation and completely turned it around to give me exactly what I wanted is beyond me, but something I will never question and just be completely grateful for coming across you. Bless you for helping so many people save their marriage. You truly ARE gifted! -Brenda V

Jan 04, 2013
Divorces are difficult NEW
by: Dr.Ellen

Divorces are difficult, especially when one side wants to reconcile or is still in love while the other side is ready to give up and move on. I understand you love your husband very much but you must understand that it sounds like he’s given up on marriage. Whether or not he’s found someone else is besides the point, he’s left you. Perhaps this is God’s way of telling you that you need to move on, he’s giving you the opportunity to move on to something better or at the very least where he’d rather have you to be. I remember a story my mother used to say about falling out of a relationship in order to find a stronger and deeper one. I know it hurts now, but I think it’s time to move on. You must expect that whatever the future holds for you will be better and never lose faith in that.

Feb 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dear TS,

God is offering you a way out, again!! It is time to take it. God is like your own dad, if he warns you, don't do it. You did not listen to your parents and this is the result. Please pray for God to save YOU from this marriage and leave. Ask God to keep all temptations to go back, away. I will pray for you to be saved if you want to.
Way back I was in love with someone. My mom said NO, he is not for you, but I did not want to hear. He broke up with me and I asked God so so often to bring him back, but he did not. All this time there was someone else waiting for me and I couldn't see it. The waiting gave me hope and that caused so much heartbreak I could not bear. So I changed my prayers and asked God to just take the pain away even if it meant that I would not get him back. He did and my life got better. As soon as I noticed this person, who has been waiting, and made the choice to be with him, that day my ex came and wanted me back, I said no and wished him luck.

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