Prayer for true love, marriage, and children

by Claire anonymous
(Page county, va)

I pray for true love, marriage, and (biological, mine and noone elses) children. That is all i really want and if i am not granted it, then i want to die naturally in my sleep like my removed cousin.

What i ask for is better than dying alone, all alone a failure in life in a psychward where the staff would struggle to treat my incurable depression. I always get very very very depressed when a lover leaves me, because it is so hard for me to find and attract men for the purpose of marriage and baby-making. I pray for a baby for me all the time, because it was my only real life goal and i am not intersted in any other career. I am not qualified for anything except art and design, which is not employable where i live

Motherhood is what i always what i wanted and i wanted a baby ever since i was a kid. I used to pretend that my barbies and paperdolls would get pregnant and have children and then the kids grow up and have babies too. That is how i was raised to believe in even if my parents never intended me to be that way. I like kids (i have a very strong maternal instinct that drives me to depression and frustration when i cannot satify my needs) and i want my own human babies and i wanted true love that for christmas, but noone (God, Jessu, Angels) gave me what i wanted, instead a few relatives gave me a handful of gifts that i did not want or need (except for a few delicious cookies, it would be almost sinful to not want such a treat, which were small, few, and delicious. I am not a glutton like the majority of christians, no offence, but there is lots of evidence to back that statement up. I see unhealthy gross people all the time and if they cannot stop being lazy, slothy, and sinful, then may they go to meet the devil).

I am tired of living a lonely life of heartbreak. The only cure for my depression is true love and a chance to have my first baby, that is what i wanted for christmas, not a handful of material things.

I disagree with and hate anyone who thinks that marriage and children is not for everyone. Such people are of satan, because what they say is mean and evil and very prejusticed against lonely adults who wnat true love too.

I pray for everyone who wants true love and babies, because that is the right thing to do instead of badmouthing them like heathens! Shame on the sinners who disagree with me. I have had with them and the nazis/eugetics crazies who agree with them.

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