by Dermot

Please God hear my prayers. Life has been hard over the last few years for me and painful at times. Whilst I have sinned I have found a wonderful woman by the name of Rebekah Bailey. Although I wasn’t looking for it I have fallen deeply in love with Rebekah. She is everything that I could possibly want: bright, beautiful, and very attractive and someone with who I could spend the rest of my life with.

Whilst I met her through what is a sin, I can’t help how I feel about her. She is the first thing I think of in the day and the last. She is in my thoughts every minute of my waken hours and every moment of my dreams. I want to love and cherish her for the rest of my days, I want to stand by her during the good times and be there for her when things go bad. I want to hold her and make her feel loved and the most special person on the face of the earth. Although her life has included some lifestyle choices that others may put her down for I would never mention them to her or judge her for them. Whilst it was a sin when we met, given the love I feel for her it is not one I feel I should repent for.
I ask you to make me into the man she deserves, someone who will love her for who she is and can count on no matter what the situation is. Please turn me into the person she can love and spend the rest of her life with. I ask this not down to selfish reasons of my own, I honestly want to dedicate my life to her and making her life the best it can be.
Please God bring our two destinies together and entwine them together. I have a flame of love for her in my heart; please light one for me in hers. Please arrange a meeting between the two of us, unlike those we have had previously, when we can get together without any pressure of perceived actions and get to know each other and let the kindled love grow and strengthen. Allow it to grow and become the foundation of a lifelong relationship. I want to fall asleep with her in my arms each night and waken to her smile in the morning. I want to share her passions and interests with her and mine with her.
Please help me find a way that I can support Rebekah and others I care for. Let us find a house together and turn it into home that suits us and meet our various needs. Please help me understand and enjoy her interests and her in mine so we can enjoy them together. Please help our friends and family understand the change and support us. Please help me find a way to be able to fund all the changes and give us a comfortable life together. I ask you to make these changes for the two of us so we can enjoy a life time of love and companionship together.
I ask you to grant my prayers above and let me have a personal miracle. I would work hard to make sure that Rebekah never doubts my love for her or that she has had to settle for second best. She would have someone who would make all her dreams come true and never feel that she was not loved or cared for.

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