Spiritual attack

by fru divine
(Mankon, Bamenda)

My name is Fru Divine Bizia.In 1996,I went to bed with the rosary on my neck. Just as I closed my eyes, a hand came on my throat and I had neck pain for over a month.

In 2004,while I was preparing for end of semester exams, I started feeling very dizzy at 8.00pm so I could not longer hold on so I went to bed and suddenly a deep masculine voice called my name thrice. I tried to get up in an attempt to escape it to avail.

Soon the voice spoke to me and ask about what I was seeing. Suddenly I saw what looked like a band with 2/3 of it in darkness and only 1/3 in Light as clear as a florescent light.The voice told me that the darkness I was seeing represented the sins of the world and that the world was coming to an end and people were going to perish.

It said the light was the only life that remains on earth. Before it parted,it warned me to avoid sin and told me to pray. In Douala in 2008, I went to bed with the rosary worn on my neck and a bible as my pillow.

I was caught by the something and I tried to escape but couldn't. Suddenly Nuns began to pray the rosary overhead as if they were angles. A complete rosary was said and I was released. Two weeks later voices began speaking overhead.

I hear what sound like the flow of rushing water and a water fall, voices of multitude, rumbling of thunder,and the voice of an accuser that is judging and pressing my entire body.The accuser judges me about everything that has happened to me,friends and relatives trough out our life.

I have been at the seminary, monastery and at the cathedral in Mankon, Bemenda.I am chilled up as if in water and suffer severe body pain.I feel moving objects.

In 2012 while in bed,the same voice called and told me to open to Psalms 122 and I did and we sang together and at the end, it told me to open to Psalms 69 and we read together.

A hand came and took away the bible I was having because the written language was not comprehensive and replaced it with another in English.Two weeks later, the same voice called and I answered and it wore a white robe on my body and gave to me what looked like bids and I took them.

I am in serious trouble.I don't sleep and I'm tormented all the time by bad dreams, drumming and a persistent voice that is speaking all the times overhead.

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