The Truth - Can You Handle it?

by Edward Figueroa
(Channelview, TX)

Only a few souls go straight to heaven, some purge through fire as does the so called precious silver and gold, but most souls go to hell and torment!!! We've been warned for thousands of years yet still cease to believe!? I assure you, like Jesus said, until every last penny spent in a court of law every last sin will be accounted for.

Satan mimicks our torment in comparison to the historical deaths of the martyred and Jesus. This was how it was done to me - a complete massacre. I felt and tasted every second of it. The last and most unbearable suffering is the burning - it's a spiritual burning which is intensified from the inner soul, after being massacred in the fleshy suffering from satan. They could not compare to this!!!

Now as I mentioned I had prayed all my life inside and once in a while in a church. I felt that for my mercy's sake, it just wasn't enough, but I pleaded with God and made a promise that if I lived through this death I promised to tell everyone and make them believe.

I felt so rejected and scared and alone. I accepted my fate, my death, but asked to see Jesus as I assured God how I had prayed all my life. God stopped the suffering to listen to my plea and also began with a lesson or warning about women - a telepathic type of voice. I felt so relieved and prayed for another chance, in fear of being cast back into hell and rejected, that I made the promise.

All of a sudden I was sucked straight up through a long tunnel-like passage and almost upside down getting nearer to a white light. The whole way through this experience, I remember pinching myself to wake up, praying this was some kind of nightmare. The doctor said every time I came back from being dead I began pinching myself.

I went through the light. It was like a wall-like cloud. I then tumbled out of control and into Jesus's arms. I pinched myself repeatedly, I was in complete awe!

I was speechless, trying to find the correct words to comfort Him as His sorrow and love for me was so intensified to an ecstatic level that the only correct words were, "I'm so sorry I hurt You."

We went straight up to God for my judgement and worthiness. I was so nervous and traumatized, so scared at the presence of God. I could've looked up at Him but I was too terrified. Maybe I wasn't allowed to as Jesus placed me face down in a merciful position.

Trembling, my teeth chattering, I could
feel the severity of God's justice. I lost control and chatteringly begged Jesus to help me - "Pray for me Jesus, please save me!" I begged and cried.

We went on back to earth and He began showing me lessons that I could see but had to figure out myself. He assured me that I was actually dead in body. He assured me that there was no greater love than His - He cast a demon out of me.

At about 3:00 am, He revealed Himself to me in the flesh in what appeared to be His burial tomb. I shared and felt His passion, His rejection, His loneliness, His humility and sorrow, but mostly His broken and crushed heart.

In the emergency room, I saw at the foot of my bed - a little blurry, I had to look twice - a middle aged woman dressed in a white silhouette gown, and about twelve or so men dressed the same (only the lady had also a white veil covering her hair). Her hands extended out to me cupped together or palms up in a expression of not only external beauty but inner beauty - angelic beauty in an expression and gesture a mother would give in receiving her baby or child.

All of the men behind and around her had a sad expression and hands almost in the same gesture. When I asked the doctor if there were interns or students in the room with us, he said: "Are you kidding my friend? Those were angles you were seeing. You've been in and out of death for the last 3.1/2 hours." Only the priest and 4 doctors in the room were with us. I was lucky my aunt called the priest in with us!

One man next to this motherly figure was bald on top and had tannish skin with blue eyes and dark brown hair and a patchy small skimpy beard. The motherly figure had dark brown hair and fairly tall or average height. I couldn't tell the eye color as I'd popped up and back down, then kinda tried to focus once more.

I was strapped down on this stretcher in a cuicifix position, with both hands stretched out and strapped down.

It has taken me 20 years to understand all this, since I was very bible and religion illiterate. I had always wanted to know the story, "The Truth.

I am writing a book on this and other spiritual experiences I've had before and after my death experience. Please give me some feedback as how to I go about putting this book out. May God, Jesus and all their saints and angels bless you all.

Eddie: (832-339-1506 )

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Oct 09, 2016
All lost NEW
by: Disciple True

You are only a telling remember from your experience and therefore you feel that most souls go to hell as you, from this period, was in a cursed realm though brought through it by the angel which is the other side of what is a single 1 of many yet 1 totality of existence. The holistic everything is what is GOD almighty.
All souls go to hell that are going to hell. This is a very small percentage of all sentient memories that are recorded as life. Look around you and if you are depressed, as your were dead and in a horrific trial, if you are so... you will see that many many souls, people, are suffering, but if you are filled with joy you will look around you and see not a single example of hell.
Our reality and shared reality is consensus based but your personal point of view can be warped by drug abuse, depression, and ecstatic emotion, hopefull good, as this will then shape perhaps a miracle, based on your image to the creator to think.


P.S. right your book and if it is conceived of and put together coherently --- as this was pretty good stuff... you will get it published. There are avenues of Christian books stores and publishers that search for this fire and brimstone, as it is using a negative to tell a positive fact, believe in the power of GOD; believe in the power of Good, which is to be good.


Oct 21, 2015
question NEW

Your post is good. Of course a lot of people misbehave and make plenty of mistakes, however, how do you know that mostly souls go to hell? Why you are so sure about that?

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