Early Surgical /Intervention & Treatment , No complications , fast Recovery & Financially Assisted over my Congenital Heart Disease - Atrial Septal Defect & Thymectomy

I was Diagnosed with a congenital Heart Disease with ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT - hole in the wall of the atrial chamber last 1995 at MMC. doctors advised me to have a surgical operation to close it to prevent future complications . My parents was afraid to have me under open heart surgery , likewise we don't have that finances for such procedure....all through the years all i did was to monitor my conditions thru cardio check up but no intervention. lately , my cardio told me have my coz im having heart enlargement , Pulmonary hypertension & mixing of oxygenated (RED) & unoxygenated (BLUE) blood in left atrium , left ventricle then to systemic circulation. Instead of the normal oxygenated blood distributed into the systemic circulation. bringing only oxygen & nutrients to the entire body....that's why there are babies born with holes in the heart when they cry they turn BLUE ..unoxygenated (BLUE) blood rushing into their circulation.

when the hole is unfixed causes abnormal pressure & volume inside the chambers of the heart & lungs leading to heart failure , causing more complication to an individual.
2007 , was diagnosed with MYASTHENIA GRAVIS brought about a mass THYMOMA underneath the sternum or the bone in the chestcausing to mobilize the antibodies to attack nuerotransmitter substances located in between the nerve fibers & muscles when this thing happens it causes the muscle to weaken causing drooping of eyelids, hard to smile, hard to chew, hard to swallow , hard to upright the neck , hard to breathe . Removal of the Thymoma & its antibodies would be a great help for me but the procedure is risky & expensive . Please pray for me to Jesus & Mama Mary for early Intervention while I'm my body capable of for surgery , please for me that there will be no complications after surgery & fast recovery Lastly, someone would help me finance all the procedures.

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